Leather Shahada Calligraphy Tooled

Leather Shahada Calligraphy Tooled

Leather Calligraphy Motif From The Quran

The style of this leather piece of art is Maghribi script. This script is a cursive form of the Arabic alphabet influenced by Kufic letters that developed in the Maghreb (North Africa) and later in Spain, particularly Andalusia.


This leather calligraphy is taken from a marginal motif indicating the end of a Qur´anic verse.

The artist took out the number of the verse and replaced it with the name of Allah.

To become a leather oriental calligraphy, this piece is cut, delicately carved, tooled, stamped and dyed by hand in the traditional granadinian style.

The leather used on this calligraphy is vegetal tanned leather. This means that on his process only natural ingredients has been used, all of them eco-friendly.

All the tanning products we have use are also vegetal, water base and alcohol base products, all of them eco-friendly as well. 

The final result, is a leather calligraphy oriental style, done in the traditional granadian tooling stile, almost disappear,

Measurements: 40cm x 50cm.



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Color Brown
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