Leather and Zamak Bracelet Primavera Front View

Leather Bracelet Primavera Orange

Leather Bracelet Espiral Black

Leather Bracelet Espiral Black

Leather Bracelet Espiral Gold

Accessories are important. They really are. Keeping that in mind we have designed our leather bracelet Espiral. This unique leather bracelet will be your favorite accessory for all your outfits.


Bracelet with 2.5mm thick strings made out of cowhide. The metallic pieces are made out of a hypoallergenic, light and durable material called Zamak. This leather bracelet is the perfect and unique gift for you or your loved ones. 

- Made out of real leather.

- Metallic pieces made out of Zamak.

- Measurements: 18cm long x 5cm wide.

- Hook clasp.

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