Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the products in the web available?

Yes, except the customized products which have a special delivery time shown in its file. However, in case the product is not available, an email will be sent with the delivery time for your purchased product.  If the client does not agree with this, he could cancel the order.

The product I am waiting for, is it an exact representation of the photo on the web?

Since it is a handmade product, it may have slight variations in color o finish.

If the difference between them is considerable, a photo will be sent to you before the delivery. In case you do not agree with the result, you could cancel the order. The full price of the purchase will be refunded.

What can I do if the product does not match my expectations?

In this case, you will always be able to return the product within the first 15 natural days since its reception.

The return of the product could be in the shop or through the courier service.

The client will assume the cost of the return shipment.

Once we have received the goods and after verifying its state, Meryan will refund the full cost of the purchase (including the delivery costs of the first shipment).

Which are the payment methods?

You can pay with via Paypal or bank transfer.

What if the product arrives damaged or faulty?

It is admitted the return of faulty or defective products and wrong deliveries, and you can choose either a purchase refund or a new piece. Meryan will assume the cost of the delivery if the client has informed about this situation within 7 natural days from the reception of the product.

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