1. Out with the old and in with the new

    Why is it


    that as humans we need an "event" such as the new year or a birthday or something of the sort to "begin again". Every moment, every breath, every instant brings us the opportunity to start anew. I say this as a reminder to myself as I must admit that I too am one of those humans! This morning I bought and began writing in my new journal which has had me thinking, when am I ever going to begin my blog? Thus I was prompted to begin this evening after having procrastinated about it for months now.  These past weeks I have been reading about blogging, asking advice from others who blog, listened to endless videos on youtube and nothing...empty, asking myself such questions as; can I write? Will anyone read it or be interested? The pressure is on, I have made the commitment, and as one article I read said, one must just START! So off we go!

    Although not the new year

     I am coming to a new st

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  2. Authentic crafsmanship, the heritage of tradition

    There are things in life that by definition imply distinctive sign of quality. In this group we should include handicraft. However, these days the very concept and the concept of the artisan have lost their value, due to the growing presence in the market of products sold as handicraft that actually come from an industrial production system.

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