Munira Taller

So much for becoming a blogger!

So, here is a life update…

Some months ago my middle son, Hamza, workshop director, my eldest son, Khalid, a computer specialist, the one who designed our website and does most of our branding and myself had a company meeting.

We have grown into quite the family business.

They gave me the task of writing the blogs (which I miraculously managed, you can read it on our website ) and becoming more adept at public relations.
I was quite good in the public relations field, however, anyone who knows me knows that at this stage in my life knows that I prefer to be what they would say in Spanish “recogida”, a recluse. I prefer to be with my grandchildren rather than people my age. I prefer a hike in the hills above the Alhambra rather than attending an art exhibition. I prefer to tool in my beautiful workshop before socializing.

 I received a call from my eldest last week and I was asked why I hadn’t been keeping up with the blogs? Considering all the new changes I should have written up at least two or three. After getting through my little rage about being told off (and being told what to do) I came to my senses and realized that he was right, it was/is a commitment I made to them, to you and to myself.

 I just looked back at my last blog entry and realized that six months have passed since my last one nearly to the day.
There have been so many changes since then that I don't know where to start. The most significant of them is the passing of my dear friend and soul mate, Alia. I remember her often as she was such a big part of my life and now, with all the changes occurring, she is not there to give me advice, I can't send her pictures or talk to her like we would do almost daily. That being said, I know she is close as I feel her presence during the new decisions we are taking in various areas of our lives.

 Near the end of my last entry, I wrote and I quote, If God takes something from you He will give you the same or better. This makes me wonder what could be similar or better than this? And that is truly exciting!”

I am not sure what to expect in the following months but, I have to confess that, it is all very exciting and I am now feeling positive about witnessing the future unfold before me.

<strongThis was not part of the “5-year plan” that my children want me to visualize. In all honesty, my 5-year plan looked very different from theirs, (perhaps a good subject for another blog; 'the ups and downs of family businesses'). I have to admit that we were hoping to open a new shop in the near future, but Barcelona was a surprise to all.

So why Barcelona you may ask? My youngest son, Ahmed, has recently moved there with his family. Anyone who knows me personally knows my relationship with my grandchildren. So, the shop was a great opportunity and excuse to split my time between Granada and Barcelona. Again, expanding the family business.

 Although the shop is open we have not had the official opening, we are hoping to do this by the end of the month. We will keep you posted as we will have a 10% discount day on our website and in both shops so do stay tuned.