Why is it


that as humans we need an "event" such as the new year or a birthday or something of the sort to "begin again". Every moment, every breath, every instant brings us the opportunity to start anew. I say this as a reminder to myself as I must admit that I too am one of those humans! This morning I bought and began writing in my new journal which has had me thinking, when am I ever going to begin my blog? Thus I was prompted to begin this evening after having procrastinated about it for months now.  These past weeks I have been reading about blogging, asking advice from others who blog, listened to endless videos on youtube and nothing...empty, asking myself such questions as; can I write? Will anyone read it or be interested? The pressure is on, I have made the commitment, and as one article I read said, one must just START! So off we go!

Although not the new year

 I am coming to a new stage in my life...a new era as a friend of mine recently remarked, and trying to be "positive" about it. Our time, of over 20 years living in a wonderful old building in Plaza Nueva, Granada, is nearing its end. The building is in desperate need of renovation which means in a few months’ time we have to abandon the building.


Over the years we have leased the entire building where I have the most beautiful studio and lifestyle that I could only dream of; friends and family live in the five story building. The grandchildren are just upstairs and the oldest spends much time with me in our studio, all occupants of the building cook and eat together, etc. And I mustn't forget our delightful shop just below.  What with our shop being in the main square we have met many extraordinary people, who after having wandered into the shop are often interested in visiting our studio just upstairs. Many whom have ended up having a coffee or meal with us.



 I knew that it was coming to an end but now that it is quickly approaching it has really rocked my life, my everything, as you can imagine. My homeopathic doctor assures me that my feelings are quite normal under the circumstances.

All family and friends keep repeating the mantras of "change is good" "change is growth", etc., which we know is true but at times you wish they would keep it to themselves.


What has kept me sane


And a bit positive is the certainty of the saying; “God never takes something away from your life without replacing it with something better”.


That makes me wonder what could be better than this? And that is truly exciting!




Business as usual!

Having said all that, I would like to assure you that there will be no changes in the location of the shop, during or after the building work.


 Front view shop



 Business will go about as normal on the website as well! We are constantly uploading photos of the work of other artisans so keep an eye out.


We have already taken on a smaller workshop in the centre of town where my son (manager), Hamza, is now based. Production is in full swing Alhamdulillah!


 Hamsa working



 I will be moving my home and part of our studio to a lovely apartment close by which, by the way, has a terrace with 360º views of this beautiful city...so I can’t complain.


Once the building work in Plaza Nueva has been completed we will move the small studio back on top of the shop so you can still have the full Munira experience when you visit Granada.

Please let me know any topics you would like me to talk about, leather related or just life! I am excited to start this writing journey and I hope you can leave your comments and ideas down below so we can start a conversation!

Thanks for reading.