Here at Munira, we dedicate our lives to the design and production of various items including bags and wallets made from the very highest of quality leather, which has been locally sourced and produced with traditional techniques.

We are very proud of the portfolio of goods that our company currently possesses, with all of our products displaying an assuming and elegant aura. We realize that leather products are timeless and will never grow old but to keep them flourishing with their natural glow, it is vital to care for your leather.

This article has been designed to give you tips and insights in order to keep your leather products in the best possible condition simply by following some leather care procedures.

 Leather is a prominent feature in the modern world and the history of how it came to be in its current form is a very interesting one. It essentially takes the highly evolved hide of an animal, removes anything that might putrify (like any life, proteins or peskily vermin), and leaves behind a collagen structure that is strong yet pliable, and which can be dyed, painted or imprinted with almost any form of craziness.

Leather is highly durable and with the right care and affection, it can last for years, despite it suffering some blows along the way. Leather is also a rich storyteller with the material developing stories during its long life that people warm to.

To cater for everyone, there is essentially two ways to care for leather with the first allowing people to nurture their leather so that it develops a rich patina with a life story, or the second option which allows for people to preserve their leathers for a forever new look. 

At Munira, our leather has been designed as to be nurtured by its owner and to share a life story whilst subsequently displaying an abundance of life as the years go by. Due to this, the following tips will be aimed at how to keep your leather dead in order let the history of use come to life.

Below are 5 tips on how to keep your leather in the best possible condition and one that you crave.

 Tip 1

If the leather gets too wet, then proceed to dry it slowly. The reason for this is that high-speed drying leather changes its chemical structure, and you end up with stiff crinkle cut chaos. So ensure that you are drying it in room temperature with gentle air, which works better much better than  directly using a hair-dryer. This method will help you keep your leather in the shape that you want.

Tip 2

If leather gets too dry then proceed to rub something moist into it. Pick a leather dressing or cream, preferably recommended by the maker. Leathers can have paints, waxes, oils and all sorts of things applied to its surface, so you probably want to pick something similar to how it came.

Tip 3

If leather gets dirty then simply just use a damp cloth. You don’t want to be putting any soaps or foreign substances in there as this will cause more damage than good.

Tip 4

Leather stretches out, but not back. For example, if you start to stuff and overfill a wallet, it will never truly return to it’s former taut self. If you stretch a leather bag when wet or very humid, it will move even faster. Just learn to carry the right amount, and this takes care of itself.

Tip 5

Don’t wrap it in plastic. To keep your leather in the best possible shape that you so dearly want, then it is best practice to allow for your leather to breathe. With some gentle ventilation, it will allow your leather to avoid any mildew growth, which certainly isn’t the best look around.