Diseño de estilo art deco

In this post, we would like to introduce you to one of the latest additions to our website, a collection of silk scarves for men and women, inspired by the artistic movement of Art Deco and Art Nouveau of the last century, based on original designs by the artist Fernando Povo.

Made by my son Hamza, as we have decided that from now on, the silk scarves will be made under the new brand, Hamzah, part of Munira.

Nothing is by coincidence. Next to the store we had last year in Barcelona, there was also a family store, Spai Povo, a second generation store, which had been readapted to the current market selling designer clothing from Barcelona, but its original activity was the manufacture of beautiful forged iron lamps. They still carry on that activity, and in their store you can find some exhibition models.

When I entered one day, I was amazed by a design that adorned the silk screen of one of the lamps, and to my surprise, I discovered that it was an original design made by his grandfather. I managed to get a tour of his old studio, where I was shown the collection of designs he made in the last century, and at that moment it was clear to me, we have to make a collaboration, and not let those designs die with them. Give them a second chance.


Fernando Povo (Valencia 1908/1992 )

Fernando Povo was a multifaceted artist and we could say "self-made".
His artistic training, mostly self-taught, took place between Paris and Barcelona.

Diseño de estilo Art Decó por Fernando Povo

He worked in them since he was very young in different workshops of graphic arts, scenography, design, etc., alternating his work/artistic experiences with his studies in the School of Fine Arts of San Jorge in Barcelona.

Once he settled in Barcelona, he started to work in the interior design activity, guided by his drawing skills as well as his sensitivity and elegance in his proposals. Art, in its broad sense of the word, fills the life of this artist, which leads him to explore artistically in painting, sculpture, drawing, prints, designs of all kinds, etc.

In 1953 he set up his studio in the heart of Barcelona's gothic quarter, starting a professional career as an interior designer and also in the world of antiques.

His personality, discreet but elegant, was very much appreciated in his professional circle as well as by his clients, leaving a great memory as a person and as an artist.

After months of work, scanning, re-adaptation of the designs for silk scarves and color samples, both the Povo family and ourselves have been very satisfied with the result.

Fular se seda chiffon floral

For this project, we have chosen Chiffon silk. A gauze type silk, delicate, vaporous and with an elegant and ethereal appearance. It is from the crepe fabric family, where silk is made from twisted silk threads.

The greatest satisfaction of this collaboration, is to have been able to give voice to an artist of ours, already deceased, giving continuity to his work. Working with his daughter, seeing her eyes light up when she saw the first prototypes, was priceless. And it is that symbiosis, the living and close transmission of knowledge and talent that we always seek. Beyond the economic benefit, we seek personal fulfillment with a close human contact.