Thanks to the visit of our new friend Talyat from Kazakhstan, who fell in love with our products, Munira has opened the way to Central Asia.

It was with great pleasure that we received the visit for a few days of a client who came all the way from Kazakhstan just to meet us. After having seen our products on Instagram , Facebook  and our webpage, he decided that he wanted them in his shop, and also to be our distributor for Central Asia.

Although we have always focused mainly on the West, we realized that this niche in the market is perfect for our product, because of the high living standards, their love for a well made product, and their tradition in Islamic art, all this makes this the perfect venue for our product, and we are delighted that this will be achieved by our new friend.

In spite of the intensity of the work during those days, we found time to forge a strong relationship that went beyond the merely professional, and we can assure you that we are overjoyed and very excited to begin this new project with our new friend Talyat.