Mohamed Kenawi, Luigi Verzelli and Al Gert are the creators of a documentary which tells of the experience and art of thirty artesans that live in Europe. The common factor with all of them is Traditional Islamic Art, and many of these artesans are reviving techniques that have almost disappeared, and showing us all their skills.

It was a great pleasure for Munira Mendonça, the founder of the brand, to take part in one of the episodes of this documentary, which can be seen via the link that appears on the webpage of our shop and workshop.

We recommend that you watch all the episodes, not only ours.

We consider this documentary a work of art in itself, that has been done with great attention to detail and much care. For in the end, we are all defined by the same thing, the passion and longing that drives us. It doesn´t matter which technique, material or what it is that you do, the how you do it and how you approach each step of the way, is what will stand out in the end.