Granada is a city that receives each year a great number of visitors from all around the world, thanks to its extensive and varied monumental heritage, is certainly a dreamed destination mainly because of the famous Alhambra, which is the most visited monument in Spain and one of the most visited around the world, accompanied by the neighborhoods of the Sacromonte and the Albaicín.

Is just in the Valley that separates the Alhambra of the Albaicin, in one of them area of greater confluence of the city, Plaza Nueva, where you can find our store of unique and exquisite original gifts and souvenirs, created mostly in it own province of Granada by us as well as others artists specialized in others materials.

In the decoration of our gift shop we have tried to showcase part of the essence that is breathed in Granada, furniture and shelves of fine woods, walls with exposed brick and a water fountain of the past century under an authentic Andalusian ceramic mosaic, all those elements give shape to the space that we invite you to choose your original gifts of great quality.

Our gift store in Granada exhibits a selection of products made with a great taste in our workshop and the ones of the artists that we work with in our shop. Great variety of materials selected with a fine taste as the leather, glass, silk, ceramics and others that are used in all type of products as bags, pendants and jewelry, pashminas, scarves and many more products made with a touch of Granada transforming them in souvenirs that will really help you remind about our wonderful city once you leave.

If you want to visit our gift shop, we open daily from Monday to Sunday, our opening time is from 10:00 in the morning until 21:00 in the evening. Our clerks speak Spanish and English so there should not be any problem at the time of check or clarify any doubt that you can have about the gifts in our shop.