We are delighted to be able to offer you through our webpage which specializes in unique and exclusive gifts, this line of iPhone cases made by Tarxia. We absolutely love them, how about you?

These phone cases made for iPhone 7 and 7+ which are brought to us, are made with traditional workmanship from Granada called Taracea.

What is Taracea? It is an artesan technique from Granada for marquetry which has been done in this city for over 700 years. A legacy from Al-Andalus, it originally came from the Middle East, and can be found in places like Persia and Syria, obtaining its highest expression in Granada.

One of Tarxia´s greatest achievements (not the only one by any means) has been to elevate this centuries old technique, and apply it to the latest tendencies and styles, reviving this ancient tradition from Granada. They have created an item which combines great design with a practical use, using again the high quality woods from the past, inspiring the workshop they work with to get out of their usual routine, take on new challenges and recuperate their passion for this art-form.

So who and what is Tarxia? Tarxia is a project, a way of visualizing life, not just a brand. The essence of their vision is to revive traditional artisan techniques from Granada, by giving them a new sense and purpose, applying them to more modern items. In this way they have created a bridge between tradition and modernity, an alliance where each element takes on a fundamental and intrinsic value. This gives the final product both an aesthetic and practical sense.

Tarxia is the brain child of Adrian Rosales and Rafael Ruiz Casares. Both are graphic designers, which explains the wonderful aesthetics and good taste in everything they do, who have created a series of cases for iPhone made by hand implementing the traditional marquetry technique from Granada called taracea.

The real ingeniousness of their work, or as they like to call it, “the soul of the product”, lies in their capacity to transmit a new experience to both vision and touch, rescuing and adapting this traditional technique, by creating the perfect union between new and old, technology and craftsmanship.

The merit of their work resides not only in the conception and realization of this product, as they could easily have limited themselves to the usual geometrical designs used in taracea. However, they rolled up their shirt sleeves, left their computer screens to one side and went into the taracea workshop, working side by side with the master artisans. They have redesigned the traditional motifs that were used so far, creating patterns with a more informal style, which I find absolutely great to look at.

At the same time, they have understood the intrinsic value that the wood they use has in their phone cases. I have to say that the different types of wood used for their products are of a very high quality, such as ebony, walnut or sycamore. They have decided to use only top quality raw materials, which is why they wanted wood to be an essential part of this project. Sandpaper, natural oils, and lots of trials and have brought them satisfactorily to a new kind of finish never seen before in the world of taracea. The final result can be perceived both visually and to the touch. These phone cases can be seen to be in their purest state, with the grain of the wood being at the center of the final product. I absolutely have to say that this product is a wonderful experience to both touch and look at.

Tarxia has let us know that although their first product are these cases for Iphones, this is by no means the extent of their project. Their vision goes much further. They want to respect the traditional craftsmanship, and take it to the highest level. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Adrian personally, and I can assure you it doesn´t stop here. He has talked to me of his future projects, that when they materialize, will surprise us all.

It should be noted that thanks to their great work, the determination they employ in everything they do, and the care taken during the process, they have appeared in several magazines and websites dedicated to products with great designs and quality. Personally, I am happy to see how such and amount of effort and great work is beginning to show their fruits. For those of you who know a bit about this kind of work, you may have seen the article dedicated to them in issue no. 72 of Experimenta magazine. You can also find them on the following website: https://www.ahalife.com/, which promotes absolutely amazing products. They have even designed a special edition for the Alhambra Museum gift shop

We began working with them on nine new models of iPhone 7 and 7+, some inspired by the geometrical designs of the Alhambra in Granada, and others their own creations. Without doubt you can find many products on their website, from various phone cases for different versions of iPhones, different designs, including amazing sunglasses a result of their collaborative spirit with Laveta Eye Wear. You can find all of this on their website: www.tarxia.com, and I also recommend that you follow them on their social networks, where you can see photos of the creation and development of their designs.

Needless to say, it is an honor for us not only to work with them, but also to enable you to have access to these wonderful phone cases.

And just to let you know in advance, MuniraLeather and Tarxia are currently immersed in another project together, which we are sure will leave you amazed.

I can´t say anymore at the moment, but if you want to see the development of this project, stay tuned to our social networks.