Whoever thought I would be saying that? Don’t know if you read my first blog where I had a rant about people telling me that “change is good” and “change is growth” and how I didn’t want to hear it. Well, I now have to admit, it is true! I always knew it, it was just getting through that long, dark tunnel which never seemed to have a ray of light. 

Well, there was and is a ray of light….and what rays of light at that. I had forgotten what it was to live in a place where the sun actually comes in through the windows the majority of the day. With the added attraction of a terrace, with the extra added attraction of having the view of the forest surrounding the Alhambra and one of its towers. I am blessed and I can’t stress enough just how blessed and grateful I am.

I moved in about ten days ago and have slowly, very slowly, been unpacking. Boxes and plastic wrap abound. The terrace and the plants have definitely taken priority. I had forgotten what it was to have my hands in the earth. Although only pots and planters there are many and some quite large at that.

I was a bit reluctant about moving into a flat so new, so white and so perfect after having lived so many years in an historical building full of character. But of course, it was an older building unmaintained thus came with windows that don’t close properly, doors having a few centimetres off the ground meaning there are never ending drafts (regardless of trying to stick draft guard to them), endless plumbing problems, etc. No complaints about my time, over 20 years, in Plaza Nueva. I am forever grateful for all the incredible memories, all the amazing people who stayed and who also lived with me, all the meals served, the innumerable cafes, the list is never ending. I have so, so much to be grateful for! Alhamdulillah!


Apart from changing spaces, I find myself in another incredible change, which I had not expected or even suspected. You see not only did I live in Plaza Nueva but was also the custodian of the entire building renting it along with our shop some 17 years ago. We began with the idea of Halal Tourism but we were too far ahead of the game, as it had not yet become as popular as it is now. We then rented to students for some years. Once my youngest son married, we decided to rent only to friends and family (you can read about it in my first blog). I cannot express the freedom I feel for letting go of this role of the landlady. I had no idea that I would have this feeling of liberation, no idea that being the caretaker took so much of my time and energy and it is great. Another blessing.

In my new place I feel as if I am on holiday. It is like when you arrive to a holiday rental and you arrange it all to your liking. As if one had a clean canvas or in my case a piece of leather prepared for tooling. Speaking of leather and tooling I must say that I have been on a bit of a “working holiday” what with packing and unpacking, etc. I will be setting up a little studio here in my new home but am putting it off for the moment...if I have a studio here I may never leave!

That being said the main studio is still in Plaza Nueva, above our shop, where we have been granted another year. You may or may not find me there, you can have the shop assistant give me a call and I can either come to you or you can come to me. Right, another added attraction is that I am 5 minutes from the shop and studio. 

Feeling extremely grateful and blessed at this moment in my life. 

PS. Don’t forget to visit our new shop in Barcelona or check out our website as we have an offer!