1. Featuring the new chiffon silk scarf collection on our website

    We present you the new collection of silk scarves for men and women based on the work of Fernando Povo. Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Renaissance style embodied in a collection of delicate and ethereal scarves.

    Read this post to discover the path followed to create this unique collection.

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  2. Munira, your gift shop now in Barcelona

    Barcelona is a city which every year receive a lot of visitors from everwhere, thanks to the amazing cultural offer, monuments and all the beauty it lies.

    Located In the heart of the one of the traditional neighborhood in the city, where you can find our gifts and originals souvenir store, the Ghotic Quarter, close to the Art and Crafts museum, in the Street Banys Nous nº9.

    In our store you will find a good selection of leather products, just as other products made them by artisans and artists.

    In our products we try to show the esence of the history of our country. Geometric designs inspired in the tradition of this Land. Jewelery collectios inspired in the iberian period, all of them elaborated and selected with good taste and tact, and as a result a collection of products which include leather bags, earrings and several pieces of jewelery, pashmina, ceramic and many more. We sure they make you remind our city when you come back home.

    If you would like

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  3. New Shop in Barcelona

    Dear customers,

    We are happy to announce that after two months of hard work we have finally opened a new shop in Barcelona.

    Eagerness, hard work and a new vision for the brand have led us to embark on this adventure, as well as your constant support of course. Without you this wouldn’t have been possible!

    In the past two months we have had our ups and downs, in our effort of bringing the munira experience to all of you living or travelling to Barcelona who can’t com

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  4. Munira Leather . Your gift shop in Granada

    Granada is a city that receives each year a great number of visitors from all around the world, thanks to its extensive and varied monumental heritage, is certainly a dreamed destination mainly because of the famous Alhambra, which is the most visited monument in Spain and one of the most visited around the world, accompanied by the neighborhoods of the Sacromonte and the Albaicín.

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  5. New Bag

    Dear friends and followers,

    We are very pleased to introduce you to our newest creation, a new handbag that we have decided to call “Clutch".

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  6. Munira open the way to Central Asia.

    Thanks to the visit of our new friend Talyat from Kazakhstan, who fell in love with our products, Munira has opened the way to Central Asia.

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  7. Munira on Al-Jazeera

    Documentary about Traditional Islamic Art, that has been revived and maintained by more than 30 European artesans, including us.

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