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  1. Change is good, change is growth!


    Whoever thought I would be saying that? Don’t know if you read my first blog where I had a rant about people telling me that “change is good” and “change is growth” and how I didn’t want to hear it. Well, I now have to admit, it is true! I always knew it, it was just getting through that long, dark tunnel which never seemed to have a ray of light. 

    Well, there was and is a ray of light….and what rays of light at that. I had forgotten what it was to live in a place where the sun actually comes in through the windows the majority of the day. With the added attraction of a terrace, with the extra added attraction of having the view of the forest surrounding the Alhambra and one of its towers. I am blessed and I can’t stress enough just how blessed and grateful I am.

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  2. So much for becoming a blogger

    Munira Taller

    So much for becoming a blogger!

    So, here is a life update…

    Some months ago my middle son, Hamza, workshop director, my eldest son, Khalid, a computer specialist, the one who designed our website and does most of our branding and myself had a company meeting.

    We have grown into quite the family business.

    They gave me the task of writing the blogs (which I miraculously managed, you can read it on our website www.munira.net ) and becoming more adept at public relations.
    I was quite good in the public relations field, however, anyone who knows me knows that at this stage in my life knows that I prefer to be w

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  3. Out with the old and in with the new

    Why is it


    that as humans we need an "event" such as the new year or a birthday or something of the sort to "begin again". Every moment, every breath, every instant brings us the opportunity to start anew. I say this as a reminder to myself as I must admit that I too am one of those humans! This morning I bought and began writing in my new journal which has had me thinking, when am I ever going to begin my blog? Thus I was prompted to begin this evening after having procrastinated about it for months now.  These past weeks I have been reading about blogging, asking advice from others who blog, listened to endless videos on youtube and nothing...empty, asking myself such questions as; can I write? Will anyone read it or be interested? The pressure is on, I have made the commitment, and as one article I read said, one must just START! So off we go!

    Although not the new year

     I am coming to a new st

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