1. Change is good, change is growth!


    Whoever thought I would be saying that? Don’t know if you read my first blog where I had a rant about people telling me that “change is good” and “change is growth” and how I didn’t want to hear it. Well, I now have to admit, it is true! I always knew it, it was just getting through that long, dark tunnel which never seemed to have a ray of light. 

    Well, there was and is a ray of light….and what rays of light at that. I had forgotten what it was to live in a place where the sun actually comes in through the windows the majority of the day. With the added attraction of a terrace, with the extra added attraction of having the view of the forest surrounding the Alhambra and one of its towers. I am blessed and I can’t stress enough just how blessed and grateful I am.

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  2. So much for becoming a blogger

    Munira Taller

    So much for becoming a blogger!

    So, here is a life update…

    Some months ago my middle son, Hamza, workshop director, my eldest son, Khalid, a computer specialist, the one who designed our website and does most of our branding and myself had a company meeting.

    We have grown into quite the family business.

    They gave me the task of writing the blogs (which I miraculously managed, you can read it on our website ) and becoming more adept at public relations.
    I was quite good in the public relations field, however, anyone who knows me knows that at this stage in my life knows that I prefer to be w

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  3. Out with the old and in with the new

    Why is it


    that as humans we need an "event" such as the new year or a birthday or something of the sort to "begin again". Every moment, every breath, every instant brings us the opportunity to start anew. I say this as a reminder to myself as I must admit that I too am one of those humans! This morning I bought and began writing in my new journal which has had me thinking, when am I ever going to begin my blog? Thus I was prompted to begin this evening after having procrastinated about it for months now.  These past weeks I have been reading about blogging, asking advice from others who blog, listened to endless videos on youtube and nothing...empty, asking myself such questions as; can I write? Will anyone read it or be interested? The pressure is on, I have made the commitment, and as one article I read said, one must just START! So off we go!

    Although not the new year

     I am coming to a new st

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  4. Islamic Geometry Artist: Sandy Kurt. Get to know this amazing artist!

    Islamic Geometry Design

    As you all know, we are doing a collaboration with Sandy Kurt, she is doing a beautiful design for us, that are we going to use for a new collection of scarf designed by the most famous artists of Islamic Geometry.

     If you don’t know here already, you should visit and follow her profile in Instagram @Sandy.kurt

    And if do you want to know here a bit more, here is an intevierw about her self. Who, why and how. Stay with us and get to know this incredible artist.

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  5. How to care for your silk scarf

    If you have a silk scarf or any other scarf made from a delicate material, I am sure you have asked yourself how to keep it looking like the day you bought it, or how best to wash it to get those difficult stains out.

    Below we provide you with a few simple steps on how to properly care for your most delicate silk scarves.

    Silk Scarf

    How best to maintain your scarf

    Apart from silk, scarves can be made from a variety of different materials and fabrics, just

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  6. The colours of Granada

    It is impossible to talk about Granada without thinking in the magic that runs parallel to this andalusian city. The art merges with the warmth of its people forming a perfect marriage that entices you during your visit. The combination of cultures that have passed through this place have brought the many art styles to life here. However, like you know, the islamic art has always had an important role.

    The truth is is that there is little left of pre-islamic legacy in terms of art, because after the Catholic Kings over through the city they ended with all that was Jewish. However, you were still find many later artistic styles while visiting Granada.

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  7. How to determinate the best leather products

    Shopping for leather can be a difficult process and extremely confusing. The market is saturated with cheap fake leathers, low-quality craftsmanship, and hardware that breaks down after a season or two. To help separate the well-made from the overpriced replicas we here at Munira have compiled together this blog to help you to recognise high quality leather.

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  8. Authentic crafsmanship, the heritage of tradition

    There are things in life that by definition imply distinctive sign of quality. In this group we should include handicraft. However, these days the very concept and the concept of the artisan have lost their value, due to the growing presence in the market of products sold as handicraft that actually come from an industrial production system.

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  9. Collection of iPhone 7 cases made by Tarxia.

    We would line to present you with our new collection of iPhone 7 cases, which have benn developed hand in hand with Tarxia. Taracea, tradicional artisan marquetry technique from Granada, has been reinvented and adapted to these times. In this way, Tarxia has built a bridge between tradition and modernity, by bringing us these phone cases, which combine great quality with a meticulous design.

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  10. Nurturing And Caring For Your Leather

    Here at Munira, we dedicate our lives to the design and production of various items including bags and wallets made from the very highest of quality leather, which has been locally sourced and produced with traditional techniques

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