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  1. Types of silk used to make scarves and other fashion accessories.

    Fular de seda para la cabeza

    Have you ever heard of Satin silk, Chiffon silk, Crepe de Chine... and many other varieties that we find within the world of silk scarves? Well, it turns out that depending on how the silk is woven, the thickness of the thread and other factors, you get a different texture, transparency, fall and density. In this post we explain the most common types of silk used in the world of clothing.

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  2. Featuring the new chiffon silk scarf collection on our website

    We present you the new collection of silk scarves for men and women based on the work of Fernando Povo. Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Renaissance style embodied in a collection of delicate and ethereal scarves.

    Read this post to discover the path followed to create this unique collection.

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