About Munira Leather Gift Shop

Munira Leather Workshop

Munira Gift Shop is a firm that specializes in leather goods and selected gifts with an exclusive family tradition. Among the products made are handbags, wallets, all types of accessories, calligraphies and framed art pieces.



Munira Leather was founded in the 1980's with the help of its founder Munira Mendonça in a small workshop in the Alpujarras.

Over time, she improved her skills in leather working, and developed a range of products with their own unique identity. Because of the shop’s location, and her love of the Granada tradition, her designs are inspired by the art that still exists in the streets of Granada. She also specializes in the traditional tooled and carved leather techniques of Granada a dying artesania here in Granada. Her vision was, and remains, to incorporate more traditional techniques for the production of current accessories.



Much has changed since the founding of the company. What began as a crafts workshop, where many models are manufactured without continuity, it has now become more professional thanks to demand and customer feedback. Now, collections and stock are taken into account to give our customers the best possible experience. We also specialize in custom orders.

Each skin, motif, color, design is all still passing through our hands, which ensures for quality standards which ultimately defines us and the commitment we owe to our customers.

Today, the headquarters of the firm is located in Plaza Nueva, the heart of Granada, where design, production and impact products continue to be innovated and developed with new techniques for the same purpose - to create unique and exclusive leather products.



Following family tradition, the firm today is formed by the founder Munira Mendonça who is the designer of unique pieces and is considered as one of the last "repujadoras" (tooled and carved leather) of Granada. Her son, Hamsa Bermejo, takes on the multidisciplinary tradition of innovation and designing through the use of new techniques that are now common in the world of leather. In addition, depending on the workload, many skilled workers are incorporated in different fields for the production of leather goods.



The passion and love for what we do is what keeps us motivated. We put all our effort into creating unique and exclusive leather products which can be enjoyed over time, and that can be passed from generation to generation. The result is a classic and innovative timeless product which is made to last, so you will always be beyond fashion.

"Our enemy is time, and with our products, we managed to win the battle. Durability, strength and design are the words that guide every daily project we undertake. The final product is only available after hours and hours of work on the design, the choice of the best raw materials, craftsmanship and tradition in leather manufacturing. Our goal: your satisfaction - today, tomorrow and forever. "

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