Plato Decorativo Cerámica Cuerda Seca Azul Allah

Decorative Blue Cuerda Seca Ceramic Plate - Allah

Plato Decorativo Cerámica Cuerda Seca Estrella Rojo Allah

Decorative Red Star Cuerda Seca Ceramic Plate - Allah

Decorative Red Cuerda Seca Ceramic Plate - Allah

Handmade decorative ceramic plate using the cuerda seca technique. “God” is written in the middle of the plate in Arabic. The colours used to create the design are: gold, various tones of green, red, blue and white.

This plate is available in two sizes: large diameter measures 28.5cm and small, diameter measures 23.5cm.


As low as €60.00

This cuerda seca (dry cord) ceramic is a polychrome technique, which is one of many Andalusian ceramic arts. This technique consists of using a mixture of manganese and oil (normally linseed or olive oil). From this mixture a black paste is created which can then be used to outline the chromatic design of each piece, separating the different areas of colour and avoiding the mixing of pigment in the kiln. Once this process has been completed, colour is applied to, later, continue the baking of the piece. This technique was originally practiced in Iran and arrived in Europe by the hands of the Omeya Caliphate of Cordoba. It was later recovered by the Reign of the Catholic Monarchs, where it united with the Gothic-Renaissance style.

“Allah” is written in the centre of the plate in Arabic calligraphy, that which means “God”. The rest is composed of geometric designs made up of various tones of green and red arabesques.

- This product is handcrafted in Spain using high quality materials.

- Measures: 28.5cm (large) 23.5cm (small)

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